Genshin Impact

Currently version 3.6.0 , download link below.

To connect to our server, please select device you are using

PC Launcher

Cultivation requires manual patch RSAPatch. (scroll down)
YuukiPS Launcher requires NET 6 installation.

Android Launcher

Support Download Game Data Directly and Clone APK.
For localhost support: visit
(Google,Facebook login not working && can't play official server)

We recommend using Launcher instead using manual methods!.
The list below is for people with experience in copying/pasting. if you don't understand don't use/download.

PC Full Data (DL: Server Original)

PC Full Data (DL: Server GD1)

You don't need to download game data if you already have latest official version.

RSAPatch Patch for 3.3+

For downloading Game Data, we recommend always using Original Server instead Server CF because it has a rate limit from Google Drive. and to download Launcher use Yuuki Server (YK).
Some links are also not available if that happens please wait for a few hours or contact admin.Every time there is an update, link will be updated here so always check.

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