How to Register or Log-In

Registering or logging in to YuukiPS is actually quite simple, you only need to input (any username, however you still have to remember it) and (any password, because it's not important). and if account is already registered it will automatically log in, and if account has never been registered it will automatically register and then log in automatically.

But registering via in-game can only be done once a day, so you have to register on our site!!!

How to Register

  1. Please register at

    Warning: You need to remember, you have to remember your In-Web Password because this is important to use later, so please don't enter it carelessly. and the email must be an email that can be used because this is important. If you forget your password, you can reset the password using your email.

  2. Once you have finished filling in everything, you can click the Register button, from here you are done, now you just need to log in.

How to Login

  1. (In-Web) You can access the login page at
  2. (In-Game) If you use a different device or ip address when you log in on (in-web) you must log in again using (in-web) using the device or ip address currently used that must match, it will be rejected if device or your ip address has never been logged in (in-web). You can check login history on Manager Account.

Warning: if you try to log in but keep failing, you could be temporarily blocked for 30 minutes so be careful.

How to use a Guest Account

Can only be used in global release (Chinese version doesn't work)

  1. Open the game you want to play.
  2. Click Guest, it will automatically log in based on your Device ID, so you don't need to register or log in manually, everything is fully automatic. but you can only use this on your device, you can't move it to another device.

Warning: before you move to the official server again, make sure you log out of the guest account on the private server, otherwise you will be stuck logging in to the official server.

How to unlock an account that is locked because IP Address

  1. Please log in to
  2. If you are successful, you should be directed to
  3. Click Allow only login in-game with current IP address (high security) section
  4. You should now be able to access it again in-game.

or if you want to turn off security by ip address, follow the steps below

  1. If you have successfully followed the steps above, try paying attention to the IP Address Allowed In-Game section, if your IP address is written there, please delete/blank it
  2. Type your password in Current Password (In-Web)
  3. Click Save from here you can login (in-game) again without security from IP Address