Grasscutter,LunarCore is an open source project where anyone can build their own server without need for sponsorship.
DockerGC,DockerSR is a closed project using source code from (Grasscutter,LunarCore), modified by our team and some other. Original version is still open to Public.

Our sponsorship is focused on paying monthly server fees. However, please note that becoming a sponsor does not guarantee the safety of your data on either the private or official servers, as certain issues may arise beyond our control.

If you decide to become a sponsor, you'll receive a sponsor role on discord and web.

By sponsoring us, you not only support us in keeping server alive but also help reduce server load, leading to a smoother gaming experience for all players. Join us in making the server a better place for everyone!

Please note that this project is still under development, and as such, some features may not be fully functional yet.

Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor and supporting our mission. Your contribution is invaluable to us!

After you have donated, please send

Email us > [email protected] < or some donation services support auto confirmation so you can get it as soon as you sponsor, make sure your sponsoring email uses same email in YuukiPS Account if it doesn't match, you can try typing YuukiPS Account UID in message column (remember only send UID Account without a message/other text)

Cryptocurrency (Not Recommended)